7 Steps to Solve Pachislo Slot Machine Hopper Issues

Many hopper problems are simple to address. Hopper mistake codes are all typical and can not provide you special details regarding the difficulty . First you have to discover the issue.

There are kinds of hopper relations – the one with a cable that goes from the hopper into the energy source, and one other at which the hopper is mechanically attached if it’s inserted directly into the rear of this system.

If your hopper comes with a cable moving from the hopper into the power source, that cable can be taken out from the energy source or, depending on the hopper, by a connector over the hopper itself.

Tug the hopper in your direction personally – it really is held by a trail and could be tight, simply wiggle it slightly left to right whilst yanking it. A few have a white clip onto front that you need to push while yanking the hopper towards you personally. The others could have a sheet of vinyl before the hopper on this machine. Only lift the hopper within the vinyl whilst pulling it .

If a hopper is joined by means of a cable, then eliminate the cable from the hopper the energy source.

Step Two: Remove the Top of this Hopper

Hoppers have just two segments which are either wrapped or trimmed together. The most notable section is that the plastic which the coins fall right into. The base section is that the wheel slot online
, plug/connector along with detector. The very best region of the hopper could be removed.

There ought to be four screws two on the inside the hopper and 2 externally the coin location. Once both screws have been removed from very best should emerge and you’ll certainly be holding the complete bottom room with the wheel vulnerable.

Additionally, there are hopper which have clips holding the shirt into the floor. These clips are often yellowish. The very ordinary includes two yellowish clips on front corners. Yank on the clips .

Examine the region where the coins depart the hopper as well as at the pockets at the wheel for coins that are rigged. You may find them instantly now you can watch the full wheel region. Remove the barrier and examine the wheel .

You ought to have the ability to show the hopper wheel with very little immunity. For those who don’t have any coins wrapped in the machine, then make an effort to twist the wheel. In case it appears tight, contains rust, please assess again for obstacles. Wash out the wheel, the region around it. You might have to offer it a quick spray of silicone – don’t use WD40 and don’t make use of lots of spray. A fast spray is going to get it done. Work the wheel to get a couple minutes to enable the lubricant perform its own job.

When the wheel is moving publicly and also you find no obstacles, examine the region where the coins have been settled of the hopper. When components are paid outside which arm moves through a detector, breaking up the lighting and sending a signal to the equipment a token was paid. Wash out the detector of most dust and dirt using a Q-tip and also a bit of rubbing alcohol.

The spring loaded arm which divides the detector will occasionally catch up due to rust or dirt. Spray a small silicone spray onto the arm and the springs. Gently move the arm to get a couple moments to work the lubricant in to the arm and the spring. You may feel that it loosen and you also may truly feel that the spring start to pull back the arm once you pull it forwards. If it moves freely and the spring brings back it in to place without any compliments you’re finished.

Put a couple coins in to the wheel and then turn the wheel . You may realize the tokens fall under the holes at the wheel and then proceed ahead supporting the payout chute. When that which is compacted and cleaned you’ll observe the tokens input the payout chute one at the same time and actually shootout the hopper.

When the wheel isn’t moving readily wash it and look for obstructions.

When the coins are still going into the pay-out chute but falling out and NOT BEING SHOT OUT subsequently wash and scatter the springloaded arm, then guarantee the arm is slowly moving back into place once you proceed throughout the detector, make certain that it isn’t hitting on the detector although moving THROUGH it again and cracking up the beam.

Replace the surface of the hopperand put in the hopper straight back in to the machine, then reset the system utilizing the reset key and then examine drive it.

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